Marsha Carr: Tai Chi Yang 24 Short Form & Tai Chi for Health & Balance

Tai Chi Yang 24 Short Form: A series of 5 Classes starts Tuesday evenings starting November 7th 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Tai Chi Yang 24 Short Form: traditional beginning form for first time students that improves balance, coordination, mindfulness and breath work. The form was the result of an effort by the Chinese Sports Committee, which, in 1956, brought together four Tai Chi teachers to create a simplified form of Tai Chi as exercise for the masses.

Caveat: This is a progressive movement class, a new movement will be taught in most classes. Students are encouraged not to miss class due to the number of steps to learn the form. The whole form cannot be learned in 6 weeks, therefore subsequent class offerings may be provided.

Tai Chi for Health & Balance: A series of 5 Classes starts Friday mornings starting November 10th 10:00am – 11:00 am

Tai Chi for Health & Balance: Tai Chi for improving movement for those with arthritis and associated disease. Simple 12 movement form with gentle movements based on the Sun Style of Tai Chi. Very simple and easy to learn. Excellent for those who need something to gently ease into exercise from rehab or sedentary lifestyles. This is an excellent class for Seniors as the stepping is easy and balanced.

Tai Chi  Qigong is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing and meditation beneficial for improved health and martial arts training.
This graceful form of exercise, referred to as meditation in motion, focuses on body awareness, balance and deep breathing. It is well known to improve balance and coordination as it is appropriate for all ages and abilities!

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